Dissipator™ Impact Elements

Dissipator™ Impact Reduction Products

By utilizing a specifically designed shape and specifically selected elastomer we are able to produce energy absorbing elements for many industrial applications to minimize the effects of impact forces on mechanical equipment, reduce noise and isolate vibration.

The shape is designed to exhibit “Euler Buckling” under compressive loads in a controlled manner, providing “spring like” performance and an appropriate spring constant, K up to a predetermined static buckling force. When this load is exceeded, the elements buckle, deflect to full collapse, at which point the collapsed structure emulates a solid elastomer under compression with higher stiffness values. Once the applied load is removed, the recovery to near original shape is instantaneous.


Dissipator™ Impact Slider

Utilizes the Dissipator™ concept in a longitudinal design, complete with a high performance slider surface and steel base support molded as one unit to lengths of 72 inches. Designed for use with fabric reinforced conveyor belts.


Dissipator™ Impact Ring

This product utilizes the Dissipator™ concept in a circular cushion element design. The top and bottom flanges provide a flat load face to maintain a stable support for compression loading on the buckle element.


Dissipator™ Impact Roller

This product utilizes the Dissipator™ concept in the form of a roller/idler where the Dissipator™ elements are aligned radially and are bonded to the roller housing during the molding process. Bond strengths of 90 pli are achieved to ensure maximum performance of the polyurethane elastomer. This product is specifically designed for high speed, high load impact applications where steel or Kevlar reinforced belts are used, or in fabric belt applications where PV (Pressure Velocity), data exceeds recommended values for use of Dissipator™ Impact Sliders.


Dissipator™ Impact Bumper

A rectangular block which utilizes the Dissipator™ concept.

The K Element structures carry higher loads with increased capacities for large energy absorbing characteristics.

  • 3 stiffness ranges
  • 4 standard product widths
  • Select length to 355mm
  • Available bonded to steel plates – single side or double side

Dissipator™ Impact Pad

  • Tough cut and tear resistant top cover to withstand high impact forces.
  • Soft, energy absorbing Dissipator™ Cell structure to deflect and absorb impact energy.
  • Top cover, cell structure and 1/4″ standard base plate are molded in place to provide maximum bond strengths.
  • Plate can be bolted or tack welded into place.
  • 3 widths available: 6″, 12″, and 24″ wide lengths to a maximum of 36″ but can be butted end to end or positioned side by side (allowing a free to bulge area)
  • 2 thicknesses available: Standard and Extra Thick
  • Custom thicknesses available on request