Molded Wear Liners


Bolt & Weld on Liners

ACR Fuller has been manufacturing wear liners of all types for over 40 years. From Bolt on to weld in, canoe liners or skirting liners, with steel back or ceramic face we can supply all your requirements. At ACR Fuller we are constantly reviewing and testing new wear materials to assure these products continue to perform better and last longer.

Skirting & Canoe Liners

Keeping product on the line and off of adjacent walkways and equipment is critical to maintaining a safe and productive work environment. Our tough skirting liners are available in solid rubber or a combination rubber/ceramic matrix, our high wearing skirt liners keep ore in line and protect your equipment, saving time and money while increasing production. Handy Tee slot mounting allows for use in skirting or solid wall wear applications and are interchangeable.