Frequently Asked Questions About Fuller

Frequently Asked Questions About Fuller

What sets Fuller apart from peers and competition?

Fuller’s long heritage of providing pre-fabricated spooling and rubber lined projects to customers around the globe has given us unique strengths that help our customers save time and money in every stage of a project

  • Knowledge based business
  • International experience
  • Deep application knowledge
  • Deep knowledge of specifications
  • Manufacturing on demand
  • All inclusive pricing

How can a manufacturer be competitive Internationally from Sudbury, Ontario?

Sudbury, Ontario Canada and the surrounding area has a long and rich tradition of International Mining Supply experience. A stable and well trained skilled labour force, government, education and business support makes it an excellent base for the over 450 mining supply services in the region.

Sudbury is recognized as the largest cluster of mining and supply services in the world.

Fuller built on this strength by adding robotic welding and lining equipment which makes us the most advanced pipe spool manufacturer in North America. We also have some of the best spool fabrication and rubber lining project management in the world, making sure that all our products are on-spec and on time.

For more information about the Mining supply industry in Sudbury, visit the web site for the Sudbury and Area Mining and Supply Services website at www.samssa.ca and the Greater City of Sudbury’s website at www.greatersudbury.ca

What is all inclusive pricing?

All inclusive pricing is a system developed exclusively by Fuller to give project and procurement people the transparent pricing required in large scale pipe fabrication projects.

We have painstakingly rolled up all the costs in every aspect of spool fabrication, rubber lining, painting and packaging so that every cost for every component (material and labour) are in an appendix provided to the customer so that they can scale the project and/or change requirements as the site or engineering requirements change as the project progresses.

How is Fuller standardizing the rubber lined piping dimensions and how can I get a copy?

After delivering several successful rubber lined piping projects for many customers through many engineering firms we recognized that there is no set standard for rubber lined piping systems being used locally or internationally.

We set out to change this by developing a rubber lined piping system design handbook. With input from our own experience, engineering groups and customers we have developed a system where all centre to end dimensions are standardizes regardless of end termination style. It resolves many problems with end set off’s gaskets, messy cut groove specifications etc.

An electronic version is available for designers upon request